Writers of the Future

Writers of the Future ( WOTF ) is a science fiction and fantasy story that was established by L. Ron Hubbard in the early 1980s. A sister contest, Illustrators of the Future, presents awards for science fiction art. Hubbard characterized the contest as a way of “giving back” to the field that had defined his professional writing life. The contest has no entry fee and is the highest-paying contest for amateur science fiction and fantasy writers. Notable past winners of WOTF include Stephen Baxter , Karen Joy Fowler , Alan Gardner James , Nina Kiriki Hoffman , Jay Lake, Michael H. Payne , Patrick Rothfuss , Robert Reed , Dean Wesley Smith , Sean Williams , Dave Wolverton , Nancy Farmer , and David Zindell . [1] The winning stories are published in the yearly anthology L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of Future . [2] The contest enjoys a favorable reputation in the science fiction community, yet its connection with the Church of Scientology has caused some controversy. Continue Reading “Writers of the Future”

Swanwick writers’ summer school

The Swanwick Writers ‘Summer School is an annual writers’ conference held at The Hayes Conference Center , near Swanwick, Derbyshire. Founded in 1948, and first held in the summer of 1949, it is believed to be the oldest independent writers’ school in the world. Established as a charity and run by the London Writers Circle. Early celebrities included in the School included, Vera Brittain , LP Hartley , Hammond Innes, and Arthur C. Clarke [1 ] The first chairman was Cecil Hunt , a chairman of the London Writers’ Circle. Early delegates included the nominee booker prize,Barbara Pym , No Background Return of Love, is inspired, in part, by Swanwick itself. [3] [4] Associated with the school for over fifteen years, Winner Paul Scott . He refers to the role Swanwick plays in creative writing in his published essays. [5] [6] Continue Reading “Swanwick writers’ summer school”


The Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts Program ( NEOMFA ) is a three-year graduate degree consortium creative writing program located in Northeast Ohio . The NEOMFA has a unique collaborative design in which students are expected to come together: Cleveland State University , The University of Akron , Kent State University , and Youngstown State University . Poet Mary Biddingeris current director of the program. Students are able to take classes at any of the four campuses, while being part of one unified writing program. The NEOFMA offers courses in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, playwriting, and literary translation. Continue Reading “NEOMFA”

Milford Writer’s Workshop

The Milford Writer’s Workshop , or more properly Milford Writers’ Conference , is an annual science fiction writer’s event founded by Damon Knight , among others, in the mid-1950s, in Milford, Pennsylvania . It was so named because of Knight, Judith Merril , and James Blish lived in Milford, Pennsylvania when it was founded. citation needed ] It moved to the United Kingdom in 1972 and has run successfully ever since on an annual basis. Continue Reading “Milford Writer’s Workshop”

Mbaasem Foundation

The Mbaasem Foundation is a foundation established by Ghanaian writer Ama Ata Aidoo in Accra , Ghana, in 2000. It is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of African women writers, [1] [2] to “establish and maintain a writing place for women “. [3] In 2002 the rented headquarters of the foundation was “likened to the transformation of Ernest Hemingway’s home in Chicago into a literary haven and museum”. [4]The Foundation states its mission to be “To support the development and sustainability of African women writers and their artistic output”, and to its goal: “To create an enabling environment for women to write, tell and publish their stories.” [1] Continue Reading “Mbaasem Foundation”

Macondo Writers Workshop

The Macondo Writers Workshop is an annual master’s degree in San Antonio, Texas . [1] The workshop encourages, educates, and promotes new and published socially engaged authors and has been called “a gem of the local and national Latino literary scene.” [2] Macondo is a program of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center and has been closely associated with its founder Sandra Cisneros . [3] Continue Reading “Macondo Writers Workshop”


The term “Macondistas” refers to authors and members of the writing community who are alumni of the Macondo Writers Workshop , which was founded by Sandra Cisneros in 1995. The workshop is for writers whose work is socially engaged and who has addressed the needs of underrepresented communities via their writing. For years, the workshop was made possible by the philanthropic endeavors of the Cisneros and the Macondo Foundation, though currently the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio, Texas , administers and hosts the annual workshop. The term “Macondo” was first used in Gabriel García Márquez ‘1967 novel One Hundred Years of Solitude . Continue Reading “Macondistas”

Iowa Writers’ Workshop

The Program in Creative Writing, more commonly known as the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, is a much-celebrated[1] graduate-level creative writing program in the United States. Writer Lan Samantha Chang is its director. Graduates earn a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Creative Writing. It is frequently cited as the best graduate writing program in the country.[2] Continue Reading “Iowa Writers’ Workshop”


GrubStreet, Inc. is a non-profit creative writing center located in the heart of Boston , Massachusetts . Through various workshops, seminars, events and programs, GrubStreet supports writers at all stages of development. According to GrubStreet’s website, its mission is “to be an innovative, rigorous, and welcoming community for writers who create their best work, find audience, and elevate the literary arts for all.” [1] Since it was founded, 53 instructors and 22 students have successfully published their books. [2] Among those include New York Times Bestselling Author Jenna Blum . GrubStreet is considered to be literary life in Boston. [3] Continue Reading “GrubStreet”

Comics in education

The use of comics in education is based on the concept of creating commitment and motivation for students.


The effectiveness of comics as a medium for effective learning and development has been the subject of debate since the origin of the modern comic book in the 1930s. [1] [2] Sones (1944) notes that comics “evoked more than a hundred critical articles in educational and non-professional periodicals.” [3] Continue Reading “Comics in education”

Clarion Workshop

Clarion is a six-week workshop for aspiring science fiction and fantasy writers. Originally an outgrowth of Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm ‘s Milford Writers’ Conference , held at Milford, Pennsylvania , United States, it was founded in 1968 by Robin Scott Wilson [1] at Clarion State College in Pennsylvania . Knight and Wilhelm were among the first teachers at the workshop. [2] Continue Reading “Clarion Workshop”

Clarion West Writers Workshop

Clarion West Writers Workshop is an intensive six-week program for writers preparing for professional careers in science fiction and fantasy . It runs up from late June through the end of July. The workshop is limited to 18 students per year. Each of the six weeks is instructed by a different professional writer or editor. The roster of the guest instructors changes yearly. Founded in Seattle , Washington in 1971, the workshop has been continuously held since 1984. Clarion West celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2008. [1] Continue Reading “Clarion West Writers Workshop”

California Institute of the Arts

The California Institute of the Arts , known by its nickname CalArts , is a private university located in Valencia , California . It was incorporated in 1961 as the first degree-granting institution of higher learning in the United States specifically for the visual arts and performing arts . It offers Bachelor of Fine Arts , Master of Fine Arts , Master of Arts , and Doctor of Musical Arts among six schools: Art; Critical Studies; Dance; Film / Video; Music; and Theater. [2] Continue Reading “California Institute of the Arts”

Antioch University

Antioch University is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) private university system in the United States with five campuses located in four states. All campuses of the university are regionally-accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, one of the six regional accreditors. [2] Campuses are located in Los Angeles, California ; Santa Barbara, California ; Keene, New Hampshire ; Yellow Springs, Ohio ; and Seattle, Washington . Antioch University uses the system of narrative evaluationas a substitute for the AF letter grades. Additionally, Antioch University houses two institution-wide programs, the Ph.D. in Leadership and Change [3] and Antioch Education Abroad. [4] Antioch University, Antioch University should not be confused with Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, which has gained its independence from the University in 2009, and has had no affiliation with the University. [5]

Story Workshop

The Story Workshop Method is a method of teaching writing originated in 1965 by John Schultz . The Story Workshop Institute Was founded to bring the method to elementary and secondary classrooms and other forums for writing instruction. [1] The Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College in Chicago uses this methodology in its core writing progress course, and Hair Trigger is its annual award-winning student fiction and creative nonfictionwriting. Continue Reading “Story Workshop”