Turkey City Writer’s Workshop

Turkey City Writer’s Workshop is a peer-to-peer, professional science fiction writer’s workshop in Texas. Milford Writer’s Workshop . Founded in 1973, Milford Writer’s Workshop . [1] The workshop “was a cradle of cyberpunk” [2]where many of the practitioners of what would become cyberpunk first met. [3]

Founding members of the group included Lisa Tuttle , Howard Waldrop , Steven Utley , and Tom Reamy . The workshop was held in Grand Prairie, Texas , but soon shifted to Austin when most of the writers involved moved in during the mid-1970s. Bruce Sterling was one of the youngest members of the workshop when he joined in 1974. [4] [5] Harlan Ellison “discovered” Sterling at Turkey City and arranged for the publication of his first novel. [4] Other writers who have attended Turkey City include Ted Chiang , Paul Di Filippo ,Cory Doctorow , Andy Duncan , George Alec Effinger , Mark Finn , Steven Gould , Eileen Gunn , Leigh Kennedy , John Kessel , Rick Klaw , Raph Koster, George Martin RR , Maureen McHugh , O Paul Miles , Chris Nakashima-Brown , Chad Oliver , Lawrence Person , Jessica Reisman , Chris Roberson , Louis Blaschke , Lewis Shiner , Lou Antonelli, John Shirley , Jeff VanderMeer , [6] Don Webb , Martha Wells , and Connie Willis . [1]

The workshop also compiled “The Turkey City Lexicon,” a collection of terms used when discussing recurring SF writing tropes. [2] [7] This guide for writers has been used by other writers, both within and outside the genre of science fiction. [8] [9]


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