Brian Wilson is a genius

” Brian Wilson is a genius ” is a tagline created by English journalist Derek Taylor in 1966, who was then employed as a publicist for American rock band The Beach Boys . It was share of a larger campaign designed to update the band’s antiquated surfing picture and Promote Brian Wilson ‘s then-unheralded reputation as the “genius” of the group. This promotion coincided with the Pet Soundsalbum (May 1966), ” Good Vibrations ” single (October 1966), and Smile sessions ( abandoned in 1967 ). By the end of 1966, NMEWilson was the fourth-ranked “World Music Personality” – 1,000 votes ahead of Bob Dylan and 500 behind John Lennon . The campaign is most importantly, and is credited with one of the contributing factors in Wilson’s decline. Continue Reading “Brian Wilson is a genius”

Sylvia Plath effect

The Sylvia Plath effect is the phenomenon That poets are more susceptible to mental illness than other creative writers. The term was coined in 2001 by psychologist James C. Kaufman . Although many studies (eg, Andreasen, 1987, Jamison, 1989, Ludwig, 1995) have demonstrated that creative writers are prone to experience mental illness, this relationship has not been examined in depth. This paper presents the results of the “Sylvia Plath effect”, and implications for future research. [1]Kaufman’s work is more important than female poets are more likely to experience mental illness than any other class of writers. In addition, female poets were more likely to be mentally ill than other eminent women, such as politicians, actresses, and artists. [1] [2] Continue Reading “Sylvia Plath effect”

Touched with Fire

Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament is a book by the American psychologist Kay Jamison Redfield examining the relationship betweenbipolar disorder and artistic creativity . It contains extensive case studies of historic writers, artists, and composers assessed as having suffered from Cyclothymia , Major Depressive Disorder , or Manic-Depressive / Bipolar Disorder . [1] Continue Reading “Touched with Fire”

Creativity and mental illness

The concept of a link between creativity and mental illness has been extensively discussed by psychologists and other researchers. Parallels can be drawn to connect to major mental disorders including: bipolar disorder , schizophrenia , major depressive disorder , anxiety disorder , and ADHD . For example, studies which? ]have shown correlations between creative occupations and people living with mental illness. There are cases that support the idea that mental illness can help in creativity, but it is also agreed that mental illness does not exist for creativity. Continue Reading “Creativity and mental illness”