EICI Vision

EICI aims to develop itself as the leading European network to promote and defend regional and local interests in European creative industries’ and innovation policy. It will try to influence EUstrategies and funding on behalf of its members and thereby contributes to more creativity, competitiveness, social cohesion, sustainability and innovation in the EICI regions and cities. Through EICI, existing projects of its members benefit from enhanced visibility on the international level, and EICI’s pool of front-running members provide a fruitful basis for new projects centred on creativity and innovation.

By 2012, EICI is expected to have achieved the following goals:

    • The EICI acts on behalf of a truly European membership-base and gets actively consulted by EU institutions concerning newest developments
    • It’s members are sought after contributors at international events and policy round tables and advise government institutions and intermediaries EICI’sEU project development is thriving – fees are easily outweighed by the EUfunds attracted
    • Creative industries, ICT Technologies and regional innovationreinforce their role and are important elements of FP8, CIP, the Culture Programme and the structural funds, which are launched in 2013
    • Through the EICI’s active communication & marketing its members are well positioned to benefit from those funds
    • The EICI and its members are referred to by regions and governments around the world for their achievements in promoting creativity and innovation in their regions and citiesThe EICI members have a preferential link to research and technological innovation which will be guarantueed exchanging experiences and knowledge with experts of the technological sector. EICI might be active partner of sectorial association in order to keepdynamic the contact with R&D and relevant technologies concerning for example ICT technologies, Creativity solutions and Innovation approaches
    • There is increased collaboration by regional policy makers, companies and organisations. Best practices have been exchanged and reviewed.

Towards a European Network for the Creative Industries

On 17th May 2010, after more than 18 months of international activities and success stories the initiative European Interest Group on Creativity and Innovation becomes an official network.

International founding members and special guests attended the event in order to formalize the initiative on Creative Industries and Innovation.

The first General Assembly met in Stuttgart in order to accept the Official Statute and Strategic plan of the association and to elect as Chariman Mr. Klaus Haasis (MFGBaden-Württemberg) and as Deputy Chairman Mrs Michela Pollone (CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT).