The Creativity Hack You Can Do in Your Sleep

It sounds easy, and it isn’t complicated. These sleep and creativity habits make our rest restful, and our brain starts to solve problems creatively.


  • Program The Brain Before Sleeping
  • Think About The Good Of The Day
  • Ignore Your Worries
  • Ask Your Brain To Help You Sleep
  • Visualize And Put Your Brain In Creative Mode

Now we know that our rest is much more restful during the night than we thought and that we can help our brain by following a series of habits.

Sleep And Creativity

We know that while we sleep, our brain is cleaned and also that we put ourselves in creative mode while we dream. And that we can take advantage of sleep and creativity to solve the problems or situations that concern us and that we cannot see clearly.

Program The Brain Before Sleeping

It has also been discovered that just before sleeping, when we are between sleep and wakefulness, it is ideal for “programming” the brain. We can make your job easier by following these tips.

Get A Good Sleep

Excess stimuli, especially those from screens, inhibit melatonin secretion, making it more difficult to sleep well.

Meditation will also allow your brain to deactivate the alert mode and gradually settle into a slower operating frequency, facilitating the transition to deep sleep. It has been shown that sleep is more restful in the early hours of the night than in the early morning.

Try to go to bed early without a full stomach so that digestion is not interrupted by sleep.

Sleep and creativity respect the circadian rhythms that govern the cycles of the body’s physiological activities. Although our technical society has been modifying them, they are part of nature, with a negative impact on our health.

Try To Lay On Your Side To Sleep

This way, you will facilitate the cleaning of the brain by the glymphatic system, making the flow of cerebrospinal fluid more easily eliminate all the waste produced by the mental activity of the whole day. In addition, it facilitates breathing and prevents stomach reflux.

Think About The Good Of The Day

Focus on the small (or significant) accomplishments of your day before you go to sleep. A good sleep and creativity technique is to make a mental list of the things that have happened to you.

Stop and focus primarily on those situations in which you have felt most comfortable. Little by little, you will realize that everything happening in your day has been good.

Ignore Your Worries

Choose good memories. If you find yourself thinking about a concern or problem, take a breath while diverting your attention to something or someone you love.

Stay there, lovingly breathing his presence or his memory, until the worry is gone. At first, it can be somewhat complicated, but as you repeat it, you will learn that you can always choose the thought you have in your mind.

Ask Your Brain To Help You Sleep

You can also use the dream as a sleep and creativity strategy to find different solutions to your problems. Follow this routine:

  • Before going to sleep, think briefly about what you want to solve.
  • Next, give your brain the command to help you find the solution during your dreams.
  • Finally, focus on your breathing and a pleasant thought.

Indeed over the next few days, you will find a different perspective to what was worrying you.

Visualize And Put Your Brain In Creative Mode

You can take advantage of those moments before falling asleep to make sleep and creative visualizations of what you want to achieve.

Please make sure you describe in your mind, in detail, what you dream and also put as much emotion as possible to make it very real. You must feel it as if you are already really living it. In this way, your mind will already be bringing that reality closer to you.