Creative limitation

Creative limitation is the concept of how to purposely limit oneself can actually drive creativity. At a 2013 TED conference , artist Phil Hansen made several remarks about the value of limitations, among them that “We need to be limited in the future,” and “If you treat the problems as possibilities, life will start to dance” with you in the most amazing ways. ” [ 1] Continue Reading “Creative limitation”

Creative industry in Brazil

The creative industry in Brazil refers to various economic sectors of Brazil that depend on the talents and creativity to develop. [1] In other words, it is about generating wealth for the region through knowledge , culture and creativity, in order to contribute to sustainable development (environmental, economic and social). [2] The term ‘ creative industries ‘ was coined by the United Kingdom in 1990 and in 2001 by John Howkins, which gives it an entrepreneurial vision when focusing on the transformation of creativity in product; [note 1] and another one by professor Richard Florida , who focuses on the creative process in the creative processes of production, addressing the social aspects and the “potential contribution to the development” of the ” creative class “. The first study of international coverage only emerged in 2008 – conducted by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) – the same year it was published another study on the subject, only fully about Brazil. [3] Continue Reading “Creative industry in Brazil”

Creative industries

The creative industries refers to a range of economic activities which are concerned with the generation or exploitation of knowledge and information. They are variously also referred to as cultural industries (especially in Europe ( Hesmondhalgh 2002 : 14) or the creative economy ( Howkins 2001 ), and most recently they have denominated the Orange Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean ( Buitrago & Duque 2013 ). Continue Reading “Creative industries”


Commercialization or commercialization is the process of introducing a new product or production method into commerce -making it available on the market . The term Often connoted Especially entry into the mass market (as Opposed to entry into Earlier Niche markets ), goal aussi it includes a move from the laboratory into (even limited) trade. Many technologies begin in a research and development laboratory or in an inventor’s workshop and may not be practical for commercial use in their infancy (as prototypes). The “development” segment of the ” research and development ” spectrum requires time and money as systems are engineered with a view to making the product or method was paying business proposition. The product launch of a new product is the final stage of new product development – at this point advertising , sales promotion , and other marketing efforts encourages commercial adoptionof the product or method. Beyond commercialization (in qui technologies enter the business world) can bind consumerization (in qui They Become consumer goods , as for example Whencomputers went from the laboratory to the enterprise and then to the home, pocket, or body). Continue Reading “Commercialization”

Artistic inspiration

Inspiration (from the Latin inspiration , meaning “to breathe into”) refers to an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavor. The concept has origins in both Hellenism and Hebraism . The Greeks believed that inspiration or ” enthusiasm ” came from the muses , and the gods Apollo and Dionysus . Similarly, in the Ancient Norse religions, inspiration derives from the gods, such as Odin . Inspiration is also a divine matter in Hebrew poetics. In the Book of Amosthe prophet speaks of being overwhelmed by God’s voice and In Christianity , inspiration is a gift of the Holy Spirit . Continue Reading “Artistic inspiration”


Archaeogaming is an archaeological framework which, broadly speaking, includes the study of archeology and video games, and the use of video games for archaeological purposes. [1] To this end, the study can include, but is not limited to: the physical excavation of video-game hardware , the use of archaeological methods within the world, the creation of video-games for or about archaeological practices outcomes or the critical study of the archeology is represented in video-games. Virtual and augmented reality applications in archeology may also be subsumed within its rubric. [2] Continue Reading “Archaeogaming”


Abstraction in icts hand sense is a conceptual process Where general rules and concepts are derived from the use and classification of specific examples, literal ( “real” or ” concrete “) signifiers, first principles , or other methods. Continue Reading “Abstraction”

Test market

test market , in the field of business and marketing, is a geographic region or demographic group used to measure the viability of a product or service in the mass market . The criteria used to judge the acceptability of a test market region or group include: Continue Reading “Test market”

Ideation (creative process)

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be visual, concrete, or abstract. [1] Ideation including all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation , to development, to actualization. [2] As such, it is an essential part of the design process , both in education and practice. [3] Continue Reading “Ideation (creative process)”


Creativity is a phenomenon that is new and somehow valuable. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea , a scientific theory , a musical composition , or a joke ) or a physical object (such as an invention , a literary work , or a painting ). Continue Reading “Creativity”

Concept testing

Concept testing (to be distinguished from pre-test markets and test markets qui May be used at a later course of product development research) [1] is the process of using surveys (And Sometimes qualitative methods ) to evaluate-consumer acceptance of a new product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market . [2] It is important not to confuseconcept testing with advertising testing, brand testing and packaging testing; as is sometimes done. Concept testing focuses on the basic product idea, with the embellishments and puffery inherent in advertising. Continue Reading “Concept testing”

professional Business Card Designs for professional people

A business card represents your organization as it is the first impression you client gets. It is always important that your first impression is right and like any other professional even if you don’t want to compromise with your first impression then have something creative and expressive in your business cards which talks about your company on your behalf. Continue Reading “professional Business Card Designs for professional people”

“ Retro ” Is The New Word For Trendy People

What is old? Have you ever picked up the old things in your hand and felt the warmth of the vintage products. That’s why people generally calls that “old is gold”. Talking about the fashion or the recent trends in the food, hairdos or whatever you think, we prefer the retro or the old things. For doing a simple thing also, you may select the simple and old ways to complete the task. Continue Reading ““ Retro ” Is The New Word For Trendy People”

Che Guevara Stunning Stickers

Ernesto Che Guevara, popularly known as ‘Che’, who rose to prominence as revolutionary and as a symbol of rebellion and counter culture, Argentinean revolutionary who, emerged as a major figure in the Cuban revolution. Even years after his death, his life still gets chronicled in books and movies.

Now days this revolutionary hero has also emerged as style icon for youngsters. The youth strongly associated with his dashing irreverence and unassuming style even today. The typical red and black tee shirts with Guevara’s face still lure the youth, especially those with leftist leanings. The beret cap, high necked jacket, disheveled hair and the smoking pipe were quintessential to the look that Guevara acquired in his youth. Double breasted pocket on a khaki shirt and loose pants were part of his image which translated into the ‘rebellion clothing’ for many youth in this age.

The term ‘Che chic’ is now used to refer to these tees and other Che inspired accessories. Loose fitting clothes and a sling bag on one side are used to accessorize the look. Years after his death, Che’s look is still considered synonymous with alternative and counter culture fashion and his style is widely emulated by youth all over the world. And when it comes to youth posters and stickers are the widely used medium to inspire and spread their ideology. Still there are so many youngsters who stick posters and stunning stickers in their room or work place so if you too are searching for some stunning inspiring Che Guevara’s stickers then check out our following collection.


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Turquoise: At the moment I have used stabilized turquoise which is coated with a clear resin to ensure durability of the stone.

Rose quartz: These are undyed stones, which are a pale pink.

Carnelian: The beads I use are natural, not heat treated.

Aragonite: the color ranges from buttery yellow to deep gold.

Sodalite: generally a navy blue stone with varying amounts of white and a little black.

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