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Creative services

Creative services

Creative services are a subsector of the creative industries , apart of the economy by Offering That Creates Wealth creativity for hire to other businesses. Creative Services also means creative, creative, and productive. It is often a sub-department of the Marketing organization. Examples include:

  • Design and production agencies
    • studios
    • Ideation consultancies
    • Software development firms
  • Marketing firms
    • Public relations agencies
    • Advertising agencies
    • Promotional agencies
    • Branding agencies
  • Entertainment Industries
    • Talent agency
    • Guilds

Like lawyers and accountants in the professional services sector, creative services firms sell has technical Specialized Service to Satisfy the needs of companies That do not-have this expertise Themselves.

Creative services firms provide creative services to other companies or to the public: they do creativity to order.

Typical business models revolve around selling the time of skilled professionals , we Either project-by-project basis, or through a service level agreement and providing good service is an Ongoing basis for a fixed monthly fee. In this sense, they share the same position with other professional firms.

  • Creative services firms tend to be bound by requirements for professional accreditation
  • There are low barriers to entry for new businesses