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Circle: International Survey of Constructivist Art

Circle: International Survey of Constructivist Art

Circle International Survey of Constructivist Art Was An Almost 300-page art book published in London, England, in 1937. [1] [2] It was edited by the artists Ben Nicholson and Naum Gabo and the architect Leslie Martin with the layout being white designed by Barbara Hepworth . Circle was intended to be a series of publications, but it was only referred to as a newspaper or magazine.

Contributors are listed and categorized as painters, sculptors, architects, and writers on the front cover. The main texts are Gabo’s essay “The Constructive Idea in Art” which is the main statement by the artist on his work and Piet Mondrian’s seminal essay “Plastic Art and Pure Plastic Art”. As well as these, others featured are:

  • JD Bernal
  • Constantin Brâncuşi
  • Le Corbusier
  • Karel Honzig citation needed ]
  • El Lissitzky
  • Malevich
  • László Moholy-Nagy
  • Henry Moore
  • Lewis Mumford
  • Richard Neutra
  • Antoine Pevsner
  • Herbert Read
  • Cecil Stephenson

Circle was reprinted in 1971 by Praeger Publishers and the UK by Faber & Faber , in paperback. [3]


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