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Che Guevara Stunning Stickers

Che Guevara Stunning Stickers

Ernesto Che Guevara, popularly known as ‘Che’, who rose to prominence as revolutionary and as a symbol of rebellion and counter culture, Argentinean revolutionary who, emerged as a major figure in the Cuban revolution. Even years after his death, his life still gets chronicled in books and movies.

Now days this revolutionary hero has also emerged as style icon for youngsters. The youth strongly associated with his dashing irreverence and unassuming style even today. The typical red and black tee shirts with Guevara’s face still lure the youth, especially those with leftist leanings. The beret cap, high necked jacket, disheveled hair and the smoking pipe were quintessential to the look that Guevara acquired in his youth. Double breasted pocket on a khaki shirt and loose pants were part of his image which translated into the ‘rebellion clothing’ for many youth in this age.

The term ‘Che chic’ is now used to refer to these tees and other Che inspired accessories. Loose fitting clothes and a sling bag on one side are used to accessorize the look. Years after his death, Che’s look is still considered synonymous with alternative and counter culture fashion and his style is widely emulated by youth all over the world. And when it comes to youth posters and stickers are the widely used medium to inspire and spread their ideology. Still there are so many youngsters who stick posters and stunning stickers in their room or work place so if you too are searching for some stunning inspiring Che Guevara’s stickers then check out our following collection.