Arthur B. VanGundy

Arthur Boice “Andy” VanGundy Jr. (May 24, 1946 – May 5, 2009) was an US communications professor, conference speaker, author and internationally noted expert on idea-generation techniques.


Arthur B. VanGundy Jr. was born May 24, 1946 in Lancaster, Ohio to Dr. Arthur Boice and Sarajane (“Sally”) Miesse VanGundy as the eldest of four boys. He graduated from high school in Lancaster in 1964 and earned a BA in Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1968, a MS in Personal Counseling from Miami University (Ohio) in 1970, and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Ohio State University. in 1975; During this time he worked as an organizational development consultant for the US Air Force . In 1976 he Moved to Norman, Oklahoma as Assistant Professor of Human relationships at theUniversity of Oklahoma . He became an Associate Professor in 1982 and Full Professor in 1987, after moving to the Department of Communication, where he worked until his retirement in May 2008. [1]

While at The Ohio State University, he married Denilyn Wilson, who moved to Norman. The couple had two daughters, Sarah and Laura. The marriage was later divorced in 1988.


VanGundy contributed more than 16 books and numerous book chapters and magazine articles like Business Week , US News & World Report , and The New York Times . His book “Techniques of structured problem solving” is considered by many as “the bible of problem solving techniques”. [2] He wrote the American International Marketing Association (AMA) and the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Marketing Encyclopedia. He was researched specifically in the area of ​​the creative person and the creative climate. [3]

His tools and technical expertise span from performing research we ideation performance [4] to the design of Numerous new creative problem solving formats and strategies , Such As the PICL-list, Word Diamond Fresh Eye, Object Stimulation, Try to Become the problem, Cliché and Air / Haikugami, [5] [6] Including Both intuitive Purely technical and highly structured formats.

CPSI and the Creative Education Foundation (CEF) . Also he was the editor of CPSI / CEF’s Creativity in Action newsletter [7] and a member of the Academy of Management .


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