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Abstract structure

Abstract structure

An abstract structure is a formal object which is defined by a set of laws, properties and relationships in a way that is logically not always historically independent of the structure of contingent experiences, for example, those involving physical objects. Abstract Studied structures are not only in logic and mathematics aim in the fields That apply em, as computer science , and in the studies we That Reflect Them, Such As philosophy (especially the philosophy of mathematics ). Indeed, modern mathematics has been defined by the Bourbakigroup: see discussion there, at algebraic structure and also structure ).

An abstract structure may be represented by the concept of an implementation of the abstract structure. But the abstract structure is defined in a way that is not dependent on the properties of any particular implementation.

An abstract structure has a richer structure than a concept or an idea . An abstract structure must include precise rules of behavior which can be used to determine For example, the concept of democracy is not a valid choice , but there is no room for a debate on whether or not it is a valid game of chess.


  • A sorting algorithm is an abstract structure, but a recipe is not, because it depends on the properties and quantities of its ingredients.
  • A simple melody is an abstract structure, but an orchestration is not, because it depends on the properties of particular instruments.
  • Euclidean geometry is an abstract structure, but the theory of continental drift is not, because it depends on the geology of the Earth .
  • A formal language is an abstract structure, but a natural language is not, because its rules of grammar and syntax are open to debate and interpretation.